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Welcome to my private teaching practice! I teach from my apartment in Toronto, near Ossington and Harbord. Online lessons, as well as a hybrid, are also an option.


I'm a professional violinist with an active performing career. I have a small studio of dedicated students and lessons are very personalized. I'm a patient, detail-oriented teacher who can help you build and refine your technical and interpretative skills. I will help you establish and refine your foundational skills based on your body's natural design. Ease of movement will be a priority; it will lead to a beautiful tone and greater command of the instrument. We'll focus on helping you become more self-aware, which will enable you to teach yourself and be more independent in the practice room. I won't always give you the answer...often I will ask lots of questions to lead you towards a

solution. I will encourage you to view "mistakes" as objective pieces of information, and a necessary, healthy part of growth and improvement. 

I'm constantly building on my knowledge base, and have sought out some of the best teachers who teach teachers. I can often be found watching  pedagogy courses by Prof. Amy Beth Horman or in a Body Mapping lesson with Jennifer Johnson, author of "What Every Violinist Needs to Know About the Body", and "Musician, Heal Thyself". I'm a Body Mapping Educator in training and this knowledge of anatomically informed pedagogy has been informing my playing and teaching for 5 years. 

Check out my Resources page!

I coach the aspiring musicians of the Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and the Regional Strings Program at Port Credit Secondary School, and have also been invited to coach violin sectionals for the Mississauga Youth Orchestra, Durham Youth Orchestra, and Orkidstra. Twice, I have been on the peer review panel for the Ontario Arts Council, and I have adjudicated the Haliburton Music Festival.

As a performer, I'm a tenured member of two professional orchestras, the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra and the Windsor Symphony Orchestra. I'm one half of the Tadioli Duo along with cellist Sybil Shanahan, and a member of the tango orquesta Solidaridad. 



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