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"I am an adult student studying violin with Suhashini. Both of my sons studied classical guitar with renowned pedagog Eli Kassner so I know the critical importance of a teacher who understands and emphasizes proper technique and who can also inspire. With so many teachers to choose from, Suhashini stood out as exceptional. She is very knowledgeable in kinesthetics specific to approaching the violin and can individualize adjustments for best possible outcomes. She tailors lessons according to student (my) personal progress and needs while introducing fun as well as academic and required elements so students actually improve and make significant breakthroughs which is very motivating".

Jeannie Palmer

"Suhashini was our violin teacher for our two children, ages 5 and 13. We found her to be an extremely talented, knowledgeable, and patient teacher. Suhashini is an experienced teacher and focuses on proper form while making the lessons enjoyable. She tailors the lessons according to the needs and age of the student. We have nothing but high praise for Suhashini and would not hesitate to recommend her as a violin teacher for you or your children!"

Norman Mah


"I am a senior citizen, who began violin lessons 5 years ago and am now in Grade Six Conservatory. My wonderful teacher moved on to get her doctorate in September and highly recommended Suhashini. I have been with her since and I am really appreciating her method of teaching violin. She has knowledge of body dynamics and body mapping and has been able to help me understand my body in space. With practice and adjustments, I am noticing a difference. Suhashini is an experienced teacher and an active performance artist, so I benefit from both. She will play duets with me and play with me as I play, so I can hear the differences between us. She is engaging, knowledgeable and direct in her feedback which is kindly given. I am happy to have her in my life, so I can continue with my music."

Susan Cannon

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