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Collé Bow Stroke: Training the Joints

When beginning the collé bow stroke, getting enough movement in the finger joints can be tricky, especially from the knuckles/base joints.

Practicing the 3 movements in this video will help develop more control and awareness of the finger joints used in collé. All you need is a table or desk. A book will work in a pinch.

🔵Blue dots on my hand: base joints!
🔷Blue line on my hand: line this up with the edge of the table. This is a guideline. Go with what is comfortable.

In the 3rd part alone, "Movement from top, middle and knuckle joints", I demonstrate a few things:

🔵 I release the fingers downwards, dropping them
🔵I also demonstrate a more controlled movement, lowering them smoothly and slowly
🔵I play with range: I raise my fingers above parallel to the back of my hand

Aim for a smooth and easy
👉quality of movement👈. What is the rest of your body doing? Make sure that you aren't twisted or uncomfortable, and than your arm is relaxed and lying on the table.

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