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Performing the Joachim cadenza to Mozart's Concerto No. 5 as winner of the Concerto Competition with the Aaron Copland School of Music Orchestra in New York.

I began to gradually explore Historical Performance  in 2013, and now playing Baroque violin is part of my life. Here's part of my audition for the Tafelmusik Winter Institute, an incredible program that challenged me to grow as a musician.

The Tadioli Duo:
Cellist Sybil Shanahan and I performing a Duet in C major by Beethoven.

Duo by Maddalene Lombardini Sirmen with Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra colleague, Lyssa Pelton.

With Solidaridad Tango, performing Mario Melfi's "Remebranza" in the style of Juan D'Arienzo.

Atmospheric piece by Nathan Petitpas recorded in our home studio. I love being part of the creation of a unique sound world.

 Violinist Ilana Waniuk and I performed this work by Anna Pidgorna several times, with her unique and beautifully crafted physical score, written around a wooden door. Click here for a video of our live performance, as well as more info about Anna's process.

Performance of Ana Sokolovic's "Ambient V". Click here to find out more about Ilana's work in contemporary chamber music, electroacoustics and multimedia.

Sarah Slean's Metaphysics album. At 2:45 in the video, I speak briefly about working with Sarah. You'll also see footage of the recording process!

Leif Vollebekk's "Transatlantic Flight". Recorded for Roy Thomson Hall's Variation series

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